iPhone 8 Price – Will you pay top cash for a bitten apple?

In the past people had been more than willing to fork out the big cash for an iPhone simply because it was viewed as somewhat of a status symbol, with the device’s actual performance and characteristics taking a back seat when it came to paying that price. Apple’s phone range offers a choice of a number of devices, their price based on memory capacity and some other characteristics. Some of the past iPhone generations featured fewer devices to choose from thus limiting the price range buyers could manoeuvre in.

Great expectations for iPhone 8 – will they be just that?

Some say Apple’s last ten years of relentless market onslaught have left the company short for breath and in need of ‘the next amazing leap forward’ – so will the new iPhone’s eighth generation keep Apple on top? Well, that’s still in the mist but things are about to clear up as the new device is expected to hit the markets worldwide this year. Some of the more sharp-tongued analysts out there say that as long as Apple’s new toy doesn’t suddenly develop ‘spontaneous combustion problems’ it should all be smooth sailing, but will that be enough to entice consumers yet again? In the last ten years, the public has become accustomed to smartphones getting smarter and better so will exceptional design and high quality craftsmanship be enough to keep the iPhone on top – that remains to be seen.

Apple to Finally Cut the Umbilical Cord with New iPhone 8

Apple is preparing to mark the anniversary of iPhone by releasing a new improved version of its trademark smartphone. The highly-anticipated device is already referred to as iPhone 8 and it is rumoured to pack many interesting features. However, even though this year the iconic gadget will celebrate ten years since it was first introduced on the market, Apple still has not cut the umbilical cord as it is yet to add wireless charging to its iPhone. Well, all of that may finally change in September, when the tech giant is expected to announce its new product.

Buzz Around the iPhone Release Date – New Second Coming

Nothing stirs up the mobile technology world as much as when the anticipation for the new iPhone starts. This year will be no exclusion of the “rule” and people are already losing their minds over the new little machine Apple is going to come up with. Rumours are many and most of them are if not idiotic, at least not really in touch with reality.

Can we find anything meaningful under the hood of the upcoming iPhone 8?

Generally it is pointless to discuss what may end up being installed in upcoming mobile phones but when it comes to Apple and iPhone this is not the case. Everyone goes crazy thinking about how cool the new edition of the dreamy device can be not realising that Apple might end up disappointing us. History has shown that the great hype doesn’t contribute in any way to what hardware will actually be in the new iPhone.

iPhone 8 leak reveals last-minute cancellations – does it really matter?

According to TrendForce gave up on the curved OLED displays was that there was a major issue with the production of the 3D glass, which significantly decreased performance and made production costlier and slower. Apple insists that it was because the technology is no longer trendy – but do we believe them, really?

There May be No iPhone 8 After All

Ever since Apple released its iPhone 7 in September 2016, rumours on the company’s next device have been flooding the web like a big tidal wave. Until recently most sources referred to the new-gen iPhone as ‘iPhone 8.’  However, recent reports claim that Apple has its mind set on a different name – iPhone X.

iPhone 8 design – what we know and do we really care?

Apple has been planning to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of their flagship product iPhone with a bang. iPhone 8 is supposed to be everything the user has ever hoped for and more, both in terms of design and functionality. Now whether it is going to be so or not, we will have to wait until September 2017 when it will most probably be released. iPhones are known for many things, including being pretty beautiful, so let’s have a look at what we know about the design of the new gadget this far.

The New iPhone 8 Will Feature a… Camera

The rumour mill is on for the upcoming of the latest baby of Apple – the new iPhone 8. Although there are still many speculations on what exactly the particular specs of the new iPhone would be and even whether it will be named iPhone 8 or will get another moniker, one of the most exciting features is expected to be its front-facing camera. The analysers expect the camera to be at least 8 MP and to feature many extras, one of which is AR (augmented reality), which will allow users have more fun while taking pictures with it.

Apple’s iPhone 8 – will its specs really make your dream come true?

Rumour has it that Apple is preparing to release the “dream phone” this year to mark its tenth anniversary of launching iPhone on the market. Reportedly, even Apple CEO Tim Cook dismissed the recently released iPhone 7 as a pretender among its peers, stating “Don’t expect much from the iPhone 7 because iPhone 8 will create a real revolution and they are already planning and building it to revolutionise the future of smartphones.” So what is so special about this phone and when shall we expect to hold it in our hands?