Apple’s iPhone 8 – will its specs really make your dream come true?

byAlvin Phillips

Rumour has it that Apple is preparing to release the “dream phone” this year to mark its tenth anniversary of launching iPhone on the market. Reportedly, even Apple CEO Tim Cook dismissed the recently released iPhone 7 as a pretender among its peers, stating “Don’t expect much from the iPhone 7 because iPhone 8 will create a real revolution and they are already planning and building it to revolutionise the future of smartphones.” So what is so special about this phone and when shall we expect to hold it in our hands?

Will iPhone 8 Release Date Mark Apple’s 10th Anniversary?

The answer to the above questions is most probably yes. If things are to follow the natural order of Apple release sequence we shall be expecting the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus before being able to upgrade to the next number in line. Speculations reveal that it is not impossible the giant to be working on three new models at the same time with release dates shortly one after the other. The big reveal of the totally new iPhone 8 is expected to be in September since Apple traditionally launches its new phones in this month and besides 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of iPhone, so there couldn’t be a more obvious choice for introducing the dream phone to the world. Or, could it be? Some of the speculations suggest that iPhone 8 will be in production as early as June this year. However, given the expected sensational change in the design and features of the new iPhone, it is probably normal that Apple would draw its production date to an earlier month. There are no firm indications that this might also lead to an earlier debut of the gadget.

iPhone 8 Special Specs

The speculations are of a radical change of the new iPhone design and its features. So, what shall we expect from it? Some of the main specs that should be featured include:

  • 5in (or more) edge-to-edge OLED screen
  • Apple A 12 processor (Some predict an A 11 processor but that is already incorporated in iPhone 7)
  • iOS 12 operating system, upgradable to iOS 12.3.2
  • latest Intel LTE modem
  • 3D front-facing camera (8 MP)
  • Wireless charging (which might not be available prior to 2018)
  • Glass or ceramic case material or at least a glass back
  • No physical home button
  • Laser sensor for gesture recognition

There is no need to mention some other trivial stuff such as fingerprint scanner or facial recognition or the quick charging option when using a cable. So, while it is true that the phone will look fabulous as a trendy highlight to your outfit but it still remains a phone. Will it be your dream phone as Apple expects is up to you to decide.

There are so many speculations and predictions of the new iPhone design, specs and features and even a video that shows how it would look like is already circulating the web and can be seen in YouTube, however one thing remains uncertain. Will Apple name its latest kiddo iPhone 8, iPhone Pro, iPhone X or simply The iPhone? The answer is expected soon.

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