Buzz Around the iPhone Release Date – New Second Coming

byAlvin Phillips

Nothing stirs up the mobile technology world as much as when the anticipation for the new iPhone starts. This year will be no exclusion of the “rule” and people are already losing their minds over the new little machine Apple is going to come up with. Rumours are many and most of them are if not idiotic, at least not really in touch with reality.

Apple probably hires people just to come up with a more “sexy” release date

The release date is broadly debated but there is rarely anything to guess when it comes to Apple. Why? Well, they have been pretty consistent (if not rigid) with when their new little buddy comes out every year and starts earning them billions. The helpful Chinese made (but designed in the USA) piece of machinery typically comes out in September and we have no reason to believe it will be released during any other month. Interestingly enough, because of superstition maybe, the previous release dates were September 6th for iPhone 6 and September 7th for iPhone 7. If it was meant to be a sign of a good charm…well, it wasn’t.

The last two models of iPhone sort of disappointed their fans because of the lack of innovation that was put into them. Furthermore, about 40% of the active iPhones which people use daily are actually older versions. This is the most that it has ever been. It seems like Apple might want to go with a little bit more “unusual” release date in order to break this curse. There are even more worrisome trends which the company might like to reverse. While people are looking forward to officially seeing the new iPhone, they really don’t want it to be this much similar looking to the previous models. It looks like Apple just makes these things bigger in size and with a little bit more ROM.

As if the name will truly make a difference if the phone turns out to be crappy

Now if the release date of the new device depends on its name, then we have more to think about. This year is the 10th anniversary of the first ever iPhone made. Many people suggest that this will call for the new one to be named iPhone X where “X” stands for 10 in ancient Roman. Not really catchy indeed as other competitors of Apple (cough, Microsoft, cough) have already decided to skip some ordinal numbers when releasing new products. In any way this means that it will be released on September 10th, right?

Another rumour suggests that we are actually not going to see the iPhone 8 this year but the iPhone 7s. It is supposed to have all the cool additions that were not put in the already existing iPhone 7. In this case our guess for an exact release date is as good as yours.

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