Can the Apple iPhone 8 beat the Samsung Galaxy S8?

byAlvin Phillips

Another year has come and both Apple and Samsung are ready to renew their rivalry for an 8th straight year. While Samsung will remain the largest producer of phones in the world Apple is proud to have cornered the market in the US. The 8th models in their series are ready for another clash in the struggle to determine who is better.

We do not care only about the specs of those superphones

This is not going to be your typical article comparing the specs of the two mobile phone flagships. It is clear that they will always be better than the previous model and the two will be quite similar. There will be some small differences when it comes to the type of display or the size of the phone but all of these things are quite neglectable. It is also pointless to try and talk specs since the Galaxy S8 already came out but the iPhone will be released towards the autumn.

Iphone 7 and MacActually the release date of Apple might be pushed back. Turns out that the production of OLED displays for the new iPhone is too slow and might not meet the demands. This means that too few iPhones will be ready to hit the shelves and the phone might be released as late as Q1 2018. This is troublesome for Apple because 2017 looks like a good year to sell phones. Why? Well Samsung is predicted to sell more phones from the S8+ edition which is the more expensive one. So in a year when buyers are willing to spend more on luxury phones Apple is missing out.

In any way we are positive that the US buyer will end up grabbing the iPhone8 the moment it comes out. Outside of the US, however, it is tough to predict a victory for the iPhone.

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