Can we find anything meaningful under the hood of the upcoming iPhone 8?

byAlvin Phillips

Generally it is pointless to discuss what may end up being installed in upcoming mobile phones but when it comes to Apple and iPhone this is not the case. Everyone goes crazy thinking about how cool the new edition of the dreamy device can be not realising that Apple might end up disappointing us. History has shown that the great hype doesn’t contribute in any way to what will be under the hood of the iPhone. The truth is that they have let down many people to an extent and now we hope it will not happen again. But let’s not forget that someone had the brilliant idea to get rid of the phone jack and someone else actually approved it.

Some innovations might seem genius but are they really?

That being said – don’t expect to see your friend “Headphone Jack” ever again when it comes to iPhones. Rumours say that Apple is after maximising this screen to body ratio and the weight of the phone. They will try to get rid of everything they can. Apple even tries to patent “invisible speakers” which is not logical as phones generally do not have very visible speakers.

The whole front part of the device is rumoured to be all screen. The display will likely cover about 90% of the front body but again this might turn out to be poppycock. In any case we are certain that Apple are after a monstrous screen resolution of 2436×1125. This sounds cool but image the beating your battery will constantly take. They might even go for a curved display which as we all know is nothing new and will actually likely be supplied by Sharp or Samsung. It’s funny what people do to make money.

The classic numbers everyone cares about might not be so impressive after all

And now let’s get to the processor and everybody’s favourite part – the camera. Of course by everybody we mean teenagers because they are the ones impressed by the flashy hardware components. Adults are after functionality. So the processor will be fast, that’s what we know and it will also perhaps feature 10nm chips which will be a first. As far as ROM goes, we are probably looking at different variations with the largest one being at 256GB which is nothing new really. RAM should be at least 4G or we will not be impressed at all.

And now lets’ focus on every girl’s dream – the camera. It is rumoured to have 3D sensing possibilities and we aren’t exactly sure what that means but it guarantees epic selfies. You will have the opportunity to spend over 1000$ dollars for selfies with an extra dimension. Yes, yes fingerprint sensor stays.

They are making a big deal of the possible wireless charging but let’s remember that Samsung has had it for more than a year now.

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