Great expectations for iPhone 8 – will they be just that?

byAlvin Phillips

With a number of new phone manufacturers, boldly staking a claim at a market that was until recently Apple’s backyard, there are many great expectations resting on the company’s new, 10th anniversary iPhone (possibly called iPhone 8).

Is Apple running out of steam?

Some say Apple’s last ten years of relentless market onslaught have left the company short for breath and in need of ‘the next amazing leap forward’ – so will the new iPhone’s eighth generation keep Apple on top? Well, that’s still in the mist but things are about to clear up as the new device is expected to hit the markets worldwide this year. Some of the more sharp-tongued analysts out there say that as long as Apple’s new toy doesn’t suddenly develop ‘spontaneous combustion problems’ it should all be smooth sailing, but will that be enough to entice consumers yet again? In the last ten years, the public has become accustomed to smartphones getting smarter and better so will exceptional design and high quality craftsmanship be enough to keep the iPhone on top – that remains to be seen.

So what is expected of the new iPhone?

As things stand at the moment, Apple fans are expecting quite a bit of the new device in terms of technological advancements, and the availability of such features will be a determining factor in how the phone scores and sells.

One of the main functions consumers expect to receive with their new device is wireless charging. Long awaited this technology may or may not be featured on the new model, some predictions claim that the 8th generation iPhone will include wireless charging from 2018 onwards.

A 3D front facing camera as replacement to Apple’s Touch ID is another highly anticipated feature expected to appear in the new device. Another hot rumour which many have come to expect as standard on the new phone is a larger, no bezel screen without the presence of a physical home button (a trademark feature on all iPhones to date). Whether or not that would be an OLED screen adopted from Samsung is subject to massive speculation at this point.

The nitty gritty stuff that makes the phone go is also expected to be upgraded to never before seen levels, with at least 3GB of RAM, and physical memory soaring in the 256GB levels. The new device’s SIM slot and some other components might also be rearranged to make room for sweet new features like laser sensor for gesture recognition, also facial recognition and finger print scanner.

A possible change of materials for the device case is also in the cards. Rumours travelling down the grape vine have suggested that a complete move to glass or ceramic casing is quite possible. An entirely glass encased phone is one of the wilder predictions circulating around.

So, will the new iPhone 8 live up to great expectations and truly mark its 10th anniversary? At the moment that is one of life’s great mysteries and only time will tell.

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