iPhone 8 design – what we know and do we really care?

byAlvin Phillips

Apple has been planning to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of their flagship product iPhone with a bang. iPhone 8 is supposed to be everything the user has ever hoped for and more, both in terms of design and functionality. Now whether it is going to be so or not, we will have to wait until September 2017 when it will most probably be released. iPhones are known for many things, including being pretty beautiful, so let’s have a look at what we know about the design of the new gadget this far.

A new, sexier body

Since 2012 iPhone has had an aluminium body which was to a large extend responsible for the distinct look of the hipster smartphone. In order to make iPhone 8 different, Apple has decided to ditch that and use glass-backed body. Now, this is not an innovation per se, because glass was used for all models up until iPhone 4. Critics point out that this material is heavier and more prone to damage than aluminium, but we should not forget that many advances in the technology were made since it was used.

Not one, not two but three iPhone 8s

Persistent rumours suggest that there will be as many as three versions of the iPhone 8 designs – a “Premium” one and two regular. The Premium will use the curved OLED display, while the other two will be a safe bet on two LCD devices. Before anyone gets exited, we must point out that according to the latest leaks the curved displays may not be happening, and no one can tell for sure the difference between the two “regular” models.

The frame that will stand the test of time

Even if the Premium version does not feature the much anticipated curved display, there is a good chance the design of this version is going to include a stainless-steel frame for better durability, which is good news for anyone who has ever sat on an iPhone before. The bad news is that the cheaper iPhone 8 are less likely to feature such a handy frame.

Size matters. Does it, really?

Quite naturally, everyone is obsessed with the size of the future iPhone 8. In case the OLED display is actually going to become a reality, it will most probably be in the same 4.7 inch size as previous models. Judging from past experience that would be the standard size for the other two types of iPhone 8 too. Those who think that size is actually important for performance are not going to be disappointed either, because Apple are said to be working on a 5.5 inch version of the iPhone 8 as well.

As always, however, we will know what the new iPhone looks like when we see it released. Up until that moment, it is all rumours, so whatever you hear, just do not get your hopes too high. Thus you cannot be disappointed.

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