iPhone 8 leak reveals last-minute cancellations – does it really matter?

byAlvin Phillips

Apple loves being on the peak of the innovation wave, and its flagship smartphone (we are talking about iPhone, and more precisely, its 8th incarnation to date) is the true manifestation of that principle.

Now, the last several months were filled with speculations about the new gadgets and developments that are going to be introduced with the 10th anniversary edition of the phone – iPhone 8. Most certainly we are going to bear witness to a new design – beautiful as ever. At a conference in September it was announced that one of the priciest smartphones on the market is going to come with a state of the art curved OLED display. No one could say why this is so important and how it is going to affect the user experience but, oh boy, everyone was so excited. Then it was revealed that this particular feature was not as original as the whole contingent of Apple-infatuated hipster fans thought. The new Samsung Galaxy, it turned out, was going to have the same feature, but it was going to come out several months earlier.

Now, new revelations show that the OLED display is no longer on iPhone 8’s agenda, and it seems that there are several cancellations along the way.

Cancellation #1 – the curved display


According to TrendForce gave up on the curved OLED displays was that there was a major issue with the production of the 3D glass, which significantly decreased performance and made production costlier and slower. Apple insists that it was not because the technology is no longer trendy – but do we believe them, really?

Cancellation #2 – the state of the art Wireless Charging


Another thing people were really excited about was the possibility to charge their iPhone 8 via wi-fi. Who could blame them, with that meagre battery life? Well, according to AppleInsider the fuzz was not that substantiated – the technology is not going to be much different from the conventional contact-based Qi or Airfuel wireless charging standards that we have already seen elsewhere. So, we can forget about the long-range wireless charging, at least for now.

As it turns out, the new iPhone 8 is not going to be much different from flagship smartphones of other brands that have been or are going to be released in recent months. In their attempt to stand out from the crowd Apple have pumped up their clients’ expectations really high and are now unable to live up them. Quite a bummer, but not something we have not expected sooner or later.

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