The New iPhone 8 Will Feature a… Camera

byAlvin Phillips

The rumour mill is on for the upcoming of the latest baby of Apple – the new iPhone 8. Although there are still many speculations on what exactly the particular specs of the new iPhone would be and even whether it will be named iPhone 8 or will get another moniker, one of the most exciting features is expected to be its front-facing camera. The analysers expect the camera to be at least 8 MP and to feature many extras, one of which is AR (augmented reality), which will allow users have more fun while taking pictures with it.

What is AR and Why iPhone 8 Must Have It

Augmented reality is often compared with Virtual reality (VR), however AR is seen as the more interesting one of the two. VR creates an isolated environment and requires a headset that separates you from the rest of the world, while AR is a tool to connect people in a way. With the help of an AR app you see an image through your camera that is superimposed onto the real world. With Pokémon GO craze taking all over the world obviously Apple is taking a smart step with this feature and has the perfect timing of releasing the new iPhone 8. They can only hope that people will fall in love with the latest iPhone the same way they did with the cute little Pokémon and at the same time keep their fingers crossed that it won’t cause them the same trouble as the game caused to its creators due to the several severe accidents associated with it.

The Rest of the Best of iPhone 8 Camera

The information available in the web also reveals that Apple will use a 3D sensing front-facing camera with an addition of an IR module. Thus iPhone 8 will be able to recognise the invisible infrared light and analyse the signals. The camera should be able to sustain 3D rendering and utilise the FaceTime sensor to identify the face of the person. The entire system is based on the PrimeSense technology developed by Microsoft Kinect. For the selfie lovers the new iPhone 8 offers the possibility of taking 3D selfies in AR. Needless to say that the phone will be suitable for playing 3D games as well.

With this information revealed it now makes sense why Apple has acquired several companies that are related to the AR technology, such as:

  • RealFace – based in Tel Aviv and specialised in cyber-security and facial recognition – one of the alleged new features of iPhone 8 camera;
  • PrimeSense – also located in Tel Aviv and dealing with 3D sensing; and
  • Metaio – based in Germany and known for the software it developed that allows users apply different colours and finishes to products.

With this array of wonderful camera features the ranks of selfie-makers are expect to increase manifold and social media might get overloaded with people wanting to share their latest 3D masterpiece. For $1200 (which is the expected prize of the iPhone) you can be one of them too.

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