Buzz Around the iPhone Release Date – New Second Coming

Nothing stirs up the mobile technology world as much as when the anticipation for the new iPhone starts. This year will be no exclusion of the “rule” and people are already losing their minds over the new little machine Apple is going to come up with. Rumours are many and most of them are if not idiotic, at least not really in touch with reality.

Apple probably hires people just to come up with a more “sexy” release date

The release date is broadly debated but there is rarely anything to guess when it comes to Apple. Why? Well, they have been pretty consistent (if not rigid) with when their new little buddy comes out every year and starts earning them billions. The helpful Chinese made (but designed in the USA) piece of machinery typically comes out in September and we have no reason to believe it will be released during any other month. Interestingly enough, because of superstition maybe, the previous release dates were September 6th for iPhone 6 and September 7th for iPhone 7. If it was meant to be a sign of a good charm…well, it wasn’t.

The last two models of iPhone sort of disappointed their fans because of the lack of innovation that was put into them. Furthermore, about 40% of the active iPhones which people use daily are actually older versions. This is the most that it has ever been. It seems like Apple might want to go with a little bit more “unusual” release date in order to break this curse. There are even more worrisome trends which the company might like to reverse. While people are looking forward to officially seeing the new iPhone, they really don’t want it to be this much similar looking to the previous models. It looks like Apple just makes these things bigger in size and with a little bit more ROM.

As if the name will truly make a difference if the phone turns out to be crappy

Now if the release date of the new device depends on its name, then we have more to think about. This year is the 10th anniversary of the first ever iPhone made. Many people suggest that this will call for the new one to be named iPhone X where “X” stands for 10 in ancient Roman. Not really catchy indeed as other competitors of Apple (cough, Microsoft, cough) have already decided to skip some ordinal numbers when releasing new products. In any way this means that it will be released on September 10th, right?

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Another rumour suggests that we are actually not going to see the iPhone 8 this year but the iPhone 7s. It is supposed to have all the cool additions that were not put in the already existing iPhone 7. In this case our guess for an exact release date is as good as yours.

iPhone 8 leak reveals last-minute cancellations – does it really matter?

Apple loves being on the peak of the innovation wave, and its flagship smartphone (we are talking about iPhone, and more precisely, its 8th incarnation to date) is the true manifestation of that principle.

Now, the last several months were filled with speculations about the new gadgets and developments that are going to be introduced with the 10th anniversary edition of the phone – iPhone 8. Most certainly we are going to bear witness to a new design – beautiful as ever. At a conference in September it was announced that one of the priciest smartphones on the market is going to come with a state of the art curved OLED display. No one could say why this is so important and how it is going to affect the user experience but, oh boy, everyone was so excited. Then it was revealed that this particular feature was not as original as the whole contingent of Apple-infatuated hipster fans thought. The new Samsung Galaxy, it turned out, was going to have the same feature, but it was going to come out several months earlier.

Now, new revelations show that the OLED display is no longer on iPhone 8’s agenda, and it seems that there are several cancellations along the way.

Cancellation #1 – the curved display

According to TrendForce gave up on the curved OLED displays was that there was a major issue with the production of the 3D glass, which significantly decreased performance and made production costlier and slower. Apple insists that it was not because the technology is no longer trendy – but do we believe them, really?

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Cancellation #2 – the state of the art Wireless Charging

Another thing people were really excited about was the possibility to charge their iPhone 8 via wi-fi. Who could blame them, with that meagre battery life? Well, according to AppleInsider the fuzz was not that substantiated – the technology is not going to be much different from the conventional contact-based Qi or Airfuel wireless charging standards that we have already seen elsewhere. So, we can forget about the long-range wireless charging, at least for now.

As it turns out, the new iPhone 8 is not going to be much different from flagship smartphones of other brands that have been or are going to be released in recent months. In their attempt to stand out from the crowd Apple have pumped up their clients’ expectations really high and are now unable to live up them. Quite a bummer, but not something we have not expected sooner or later.

There May be No iPhone 8 After All

Are you excited about the arrival of iPhone 8 later this year? Sorry to break it to you, but Apple may have had a change of hearts as new rumours suggest that the world may never see the iPhone 8!

Ever since Apple released its iPhone 7 in September 2016, rumours on the company’s next device have been flooding the web like a big tidal wave. Until recently most sources referred to the new-gen iPhone as ‘iPhone 8.’  However, recent reports claim that Apple has its mind set on a different name – iPhone X.

New Name, New Decade

If that is true, one could not help but wonder what has inspired Apple to suddenly rename its trademark handset. The explanation is really simple – 2017 marks the tenth anniversary since the U.S. tech giant released its first ever iPhone (yes, you are that old!). The company introduced the first generation of its now iconic device back in 2007 and ever since then, it has enjoyed strong market performance and impressive sales. In fact, earlier this year, Apple announced that the iPhone sales during the first quarter of the fiscal year have reached an all-time record. That is quite impressive given that the iPhone brand has been around for nearly a full decade.

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With the bar set so high, expectations for the anniversary edition iPhone are certainly greater than ever before. So, Apple will hardly rely solely on a name change to preserve its position on the market. By changing the handset’s name from iPhone 8 to iPhone X, the company may attempt to get a physiological advantage over its competition.

Apple vs Samsung: A Game of Thrones

Yes, the symbolism behind the ‘X’ in iPhone X is quite cute and touching, but did you really think that Apple will rename its best-selling product just for the fun of it? No, there is a specific reason behind this move – namely, to give the iPhone a psychological upper hand over Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note handset lines.

Even though the South Korean company released its first flagship smartphone back in 2010 when the world welcomed the fourth generation of iPhone, the Asian tech giant had since caught up in the name game. In 2016, Apple launched its iPhone 7 after Samsung had already showed off its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 7. Although the latter enjoyed an explosive success (pun intended), Samsung eventually had to recall and discontinue the device due to major battery faults.

Despite that failure, Apple is not prepared to sign off its biggest rival yet who is expected to come back from the ashes this year with its Galaxy S8 – a device that will have an OLED display and a nearly non-existent bezel. Meanwhile, rumours that iPhone X will also come with an OLED screen instead of Apple’s long-time favourite LCD display are on the rise. What is more, Apple is said to take things up a notch by adding an edge-to-edge OLED display to its upcoming flagship handset. A strange coincidence or not – you be the judge.